THE PERFECT BITE ™ is a YouTube cooking channel showcasing, KETO Inspired, African Fusion Meals!

Small Beginnings

The concept of the perfect bite, for me, started as an homage to my slow eating habits. I could share hundreds of stories where I missed this or that because, when my cousins and siblings were done at the dinning table, adventures occurred. Adventures that I did not experienced because I was “finishing my meal”. It took a lot of time for me to load my spoon or fork with each component of the flavor profile. I missed many adventures with my cousins but, it didn’t really bother me because I’d discovered something about myself. I was a foodie!

So, I learned to cook and how to do so very well. Couple that with my love for constructing the perfect bite at each meal and voilá, the birth of something beautiful and tasty! I’ve always believed that food should be consumed by all of our senses before our bellies.

Consider the following order:





Taste buds!

I began my own adventures with food and its origins. You’re more than welcomed to join me…