I had a pretty good day today: especially because my praise and worship time was so awesome! This week has been trying and challenging so, being able to worship like that was a special gift from the Holy Spirit to me. After dinner, I was watching one of my CSI episodes when I heard something in my spirit. It was something that made me stop what I was watching and go to the Bible before sharing this with you all.

The episode I was watching really had me in despair about man’s inhumanity to man and, without realizing it, I begin to loose hope for this world. Isn’t it crazy how hard the soul tries to rule over our spirit? But, as a child of God, it is also at those times when the Holy Spirit becomes most active in my life. I only heard one sentence: but it was powerful enough to send me to “study to show my self approved unto God”. That is exactly what I did. I paused the TV and opened my Bible app. I knew exactly which passage of scripture to look for because, as I’ve explained before, just a single word or phrase from the Holy Spirit is accompanied by so much more. I looked for the passage where Elohim decided to respond to brother Job.

I was raised by my grandparents and, growing up, we read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation each and every year. So, I knew this story well…at least, that is what I told myself until tonight. Every Christian, who is actively pursuing Jehovah God, knows what I mean when I say I am still learning the Bible every day.

Job was a righteous man who was chosen to be tested by the devil, right? However, that is not the portion of the passage that I was led to study. What I put in my search field was”Where were you when I…?” The search took me directly to Job chapter 38. No, I am not going to insert any verse from that chapter in the book of Job because I want you to be so curious that you do your own search and read it. Or, better still, read the whole book of Job if you want to enjoy the full story.

In Job chapter 38, my artistic and creative mind sees a moving picture where Elohim has had enough of listening to Job speaking as if he Job (like God) not only had all the facts but, all truths as well. I could almost see Adonai saying, ‘your turn is over, it is my turn.’ Now, I must tell you that every time I consider this scene, I get fearful. But, it’s not the scary fear because I’m afraid something bad is going to happen to me. Instead, it is the reverential kind of fear because the sovereign God is cross examining a man…His own creation!

You see lately, I too have been behaving like brother Job. I’ve been speaking about the limited “facts” that I have to Abba, as if I know what He knows. So every time I read this portion of the book of Job, I am reminded that Elohim is to be reverenced…especially when we don’t understand. With all the things that Joe endured and had to suffer, you would think that God would have begun His response to Job by explaining the reasons for his suffering, right? I mean, my expectations were that God would have begin to explain himself to Job. But this event shows us a milestone in life where every child of God will have to reconcile within his or herself that, truly, Jehovah is a sovereign God.

So no, El Elyon (The Most High God) did not explain Himself to Job: that is not what God did at all. Instead, God decides to ask Job some questions. I think this is what scares me the most. Because I too am guilty of questioning Elohim during my time of trials and sorrow and suffering. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit convicts me and I repent. God’s response to Job was meant to convict him and bring him to repentance and forgiveness.

The way Elohim formed his questions to Job also gives us a unique look into how God wields his power. Jehovah God pulls back the veil and shows Job, and consequently us, that there is nothing in all of creation that he is not responsible for. Again, I’m not going to list the questions that gave pictures to the awesomeness of God‘s power but, I’ll share one of my favorite ones with you. With one question, Jehovah Sabaoth (The Lord of Hosts) tells us that He is so powerful and conscientious that it is He who makes a horse ready for war!

When I was was younger, I didn’t understand why that resonated with me so much. I know I was born a warrior. I’ve always been a fighter and, now that I am stepping into my purpose as a prayer warrior, I understand it even more. Every prayer warrior will tell you this: as an intercessor, every time we stand in the gap we go to war. Perhaps that is why knowing that God prepares us for war means so much to me. David said, “He teaches my hands to war.” Psalms 18:34

God is eternal. God is sovereign. God is all powerful and, because of that, he never has to explain himself. This truth is one that can be the most difficult for we His children to understand at times but, the minute we allow ourselves to do so, everything in life begins to take on new meaning. Yes, yes, yes, yes even pain and sorrow and suffering. Sometimes, when you are dead smack in the middle of the worst situation of your life and when you are experiencing the worst pain that you could’ve never even imagined, my prayer is that you will hear the Holy Spirit whisper in your spirit what He whispered in mine tonight: When God gets ready!”

So, why would I hear that and be led to the story of Job? Why would that be the scripture that ties in with God‘s timing? It’s simple, Jehovah God works according to HIS purposes, according to HIS plans, and according to HIS timeline. Regardless of whatever you’re going through right now, I encourage you to stand firm on Jesus Christ the solid rock. Stand on the truth that God is sovereign and righteous and He is Just. Believe that when He is ready, He is more than able to make all things beautiful. Maybe you’ll get to know why you had to suffer; but, the truth is, you may never get to know on this side of Heaven. And that has to be okay because you know that Jehovah God does. Let that be enough.

When God is ready, there’s nothing that you’ve gone through, there’s nothing that you’re going through right now, and there’s nothing you may go through in the future that can destroy the plans and purposes that Jehovah God has for your life. Point. Blank. Period.🙏🏽

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