Abba, Father!

For those of us who have been suffering silently and in shame because we are angry with God, this message is for us tonight. I understand the intensity of being angry with Jehovah even as you continue to love Him with all your heart, mind, and soul. So, whatever the source of your anger is, just know that you can stop trying to keep it from Him. He knows more about it than we do anyway.

Here’s the thing, Jehovah, Elohim, Adonia, is The Father! He is the ultimate standard of Fatherhood. And, just like the good earthly fathers that some of us got to witness and others got a chance to experience, He (JEHOVAH) has enough buffer that surrounds His amazing love for each of us. That buffer is strong enough to handle the anger of each and every one of his children.

That buffer is there so that none of our anger at Him will ever be strong enough to reach or lessen His intense love for each child. As a child of God, I was just reminded of this great inheritance and, as I received it, I was given the unction to remind his children this night that Jehovah God can handle the full force of your anger. So, stop trying to hide it from him.

He is more than The Creator. He is more than our Sovereign Lord. He is more than The righteous Judge. He is also our most loving and kind Abba: Father. Elohim is our father and we will always be safe and secure from ALL alarms! Be blessed and go talk to our Dad.

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