I once heard someone say that we never really loose our demons; instead, we learn to live above them. But, the Bible says the we overcome the devil (demon of all demons) by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus the Christ) and by the word of our testimony (our telling of the tests we’ve passed because of our faith in Jesus the Christ). Revelations 12:11.

So, I can say that we do, we will, and we shall completely loose every demon plaguing our lives. Yes, we will do so by the powerful Blood of Jesus (the Blood that WAS even before the foundations of the world was laid). I Peter 1:20 You see, it reaches throughout all dimensions including time. Revelations 13:8 And we will overcome by the very word of our testimonies because the retelling of our struggles, and sorrows, and trials, and how Jehovah God carried us through each and every one is one of the ways that we OVERCOME.

Today and every day, remember that you’ve been given a powerful weapon to win. Open your mouths and tell the devil and his demons how God brought you out. Remind them of the times when you thought it was over but God. Remind every enemy about the time you had one foot in the grave but God. Remind yourself about the times you made your own bed in hell, but God came for you and snatched you out. Let the accuser of our souls know that all of his accusations were blocked by the veil of Jesus precious Blood. Then, remind him that his accusations are being blocked now, and that they will continue to be blocked because The Blood of Jesus still works! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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