I once heard a pastor say that trust in a marriage is like having a dining room table filled with all the things each other has done in life that, if exposed to the world, could destroy either husband or wife. And then consciously deciding to leave it uncovered to each other every day! That is TRUST. Trust was the character that I didn’t know I was missing but needed the most…until I found it.

“I Trust you” is so much more powerful than “I love you”. In my lifetime, I’ve learned the hard way that you can love a person and not trust them at all!!! It took me some time, however, to learn that you cannot trust a person and not love them. That is not to say that love (although we use it so flippantly today) is without power. In fact, usually when we say love, what we really mean is attraction, infatuation, or lust. It takes a whole lot of living, and failing, and learning, to fully understand that, love without respect is a ticking time bomb that leads to all kinds of death. However; love, built on the foundation of respect and trust, can never be destroyed!

Today, I not only strive to be more trustworthy in my personal relationship but in all my other relationships as well. Each day, I pray for discernment so that I am more frequently in the company of those I can trust. So, in your pursuit of happiness, look for the one you can trust. And, your respect for that rare character, will lead you to the most beautiful love ever.🙏🏽

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