Dark Days

Sometimes we die, not from the initial blast of a love one’s betrayal but, from the little shrapnel that takes its time moving through our bodies. Moving slowly, as we struggle to cope with the trauma of that wound. Moving purposefully, in-spite of the efforts we make to start over, pick up the pieces, and begin again. And moving painfully; even as all of those watching the “train wreck” of your life begin to lose interest at signs of your recovery. It moves until it reaches the heart. To add insult to injury; the cause of that death is, more often than not, misdiagnosed. Suicide? No, just the effect of an untreated wound.

Published by Christine Jujai Kou Johnson

I was created with and for a specific purpose! This is an epiphany that has been long in the making but, today, I can say without any doubt or uncertainty that I am a child of the Most High Jehovah God and that He created me for Him! My mission now is to continue to “work out my own soul’s salvation with fear and trembling” even as I focus on the purposes of my life that will complete my destiny! As I continue to mature in Christ and in life, I am learning that the pursuit of my destiny is what fuels my honest relationship with God through Christ Jesus and by The Holy Spirit! This site is my living journal...a dynamic record of my life’s journey. Good, bad, or indifferent, I’ll document my experiences in a variety of artistic mediums. You’re welcome to tag along and I pray that something you see, hear, or experience here will lead you to the lover of our souls. Jehovah is His Name! Be blessed.

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