Lately, I’ve read and have heard so many people explain why they’ve stopped going to church. This started coming up before COVID-19, so, that is not a factor. Many of those who have left one church for another, or simply left church altogether, carry a sadness that is almost palpable. And, although I could relate to many of their stories and even had shared experiences, I have learned a secret that I thought to share with you.

It all started when I was meditating on the principles of love. I assumed that I was being led to write about the benefits of practicing love. I had the title and opening sentence already planned when I was reminded that, when it comes to the Holy Spirit, I am to be led and not to lead. So, I got out of the driver’s seat and begin to learn some amazing things.

Many of the reasons we have, give, and hold on to for leaving a church can be categorized in two areas: members and clergy. Think about it, it’s either a sister or brother that said or did something hurtful. Or the pastor, his wife, or staff said or did something hurtful, right? If I say that the pain inflicted is not such a big deal or that we should simply overlook those events, I would be a hypocrite. But more than that, I would be insinuating that this trial can be overcome by our might or power.

That is just not the case. It CANNOT be done in the flesh. Overcoming the struggles of hurt , offense, disappointment, and shame in any church home takes The Holy Spirit of Jehovah God working with the reawakened (reborn) spirit of every believer. And, yes, you already know that it is a process. The process begins when we relinquish our right to act. It sounds simple but this is most difficult when we know we are right.

We were created to have dominion over ourselves and all that we own so, when we encounter injustice against ourselves or what we own, we loose dominance. That is what our anger, fear, tears, and shame is all about. And our natural instinct is to ACT in order to regain dominion. Unfortunately, the fall of man perverted our actions. So, the ways we go about regaining what we lost can be destructive, counterproductive, and at times just plain crazy.

Here’s the secret, you must yield your spirit to God! The Holy Spirit works within our spirit to bring us back into alignment. He brings us in line with God’s way of doing things. It’s in our yielding that He works. And, because He created us to be unique, He knows what works best for each person.

Once you are fully engulfed in this process with Him, EVERYTHING else fades away. Yes, even the church member, pastor, staff, etc. When we yield to Jehovah’s Holy Spirit, there is a shifting: it is no longer about you and the church. It becomes all about you and God. This place, this place is so special because it empowers you to operate in the natural realm without malice, bitterness, or vengeance. You will walk into that church or another church and become a part of that body of Christ. This place is where we “work out our own soul’s salvation with fear and trembling.” This is Christianity.

Growing up, I heard many people say, “going to church does not make you a Christian”. My grandmother, the grammarian, brought it home for me when she explained, “just like standing in a garage does not make you a car: sitting in a church does not make you a Christian.” She must have discerned that I was a visual learner because, when I heard that, I got such a powerful picture in my mind that I wanted to know if going to church didn’t make me a Christian, what did? I believe it was then that I started seeking to know Jehovah God for myself. I’m so glad that He was there waiting for me.

So, what now? What should you do if you’ve already left a church? How do you move forward if you’ve already ACTED in ways that you know were not pleasing to God? Let me remind you that you are a child of God. Start by going back to Him. That is what being a Christian means for us: we can get back to our right minds and go back to our Father.


I had a pretty good day today: especially because my praise and worship time was so awesome! This week has been trying and challenging so, being able to worship like that was a special gift from the Holy Spirit to me. After dinner, I was watching one of my CSI episodes when I heard something in my spirit. It was something that made me stop what I was watching and go to the Bible before sharing this with you all.

The episode I was watching really had me in despair about man’s inhumanity to man and, without realizing it, I begin to loose hope for this world. Isn’t it crazy how hard the soul tries to rule over our spirit? But, as a child of God, it is also at those times when the Holy Spirit becomes most active in my life. I only heard one sentence: but it was powerful enough to send me to “study to show my self approved unto God”. That is exactly what I did. I paused the TV and opened my Bible app. I knew exactly which passage of scripture to look for because, as I’ve explained before, just a single word or phrase from the Holy Spirit is accompanied by so much more. I looked for the passage where Elohim decided to respond to brother Job.

I was raised by my grandparents and, growing up, we read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation each and every year. So, I knew this story well…at least, that is what I told myself until tonight. Every Christian, who is actively pursuing Jehovah God, knows what I mean when I say I am still learning the Bible every day.

Job was a righteous man who was chosen to be tested by the devil, right? However, that is not the portion of the passage that I was led to study. What I put in my search field was”Where were you when I…?” The search took me directly to Job chapter 38. No, I am not going to insert any verse from that chapter in the book of Job because I want you to be so curious that you do your own search and read it. Or, better still, read the whole book of Job if you want to enjoy the full story.

In Job chapter 38, my artistic and creative mind sees a moving picture where Elohim has had enough of listening to Job speaking as if he Job (like God) not only had all the facts but, all truths as well. I could almost see Adonai saying, ‘your turn is over, it is my turn.’ Now, I must tell you that every time I consider this scene, I get fearful. But, it’s not the scary fear because I’m afraid something bad is going to happen to me. Instead, it is the reverential kind of fear because the sovereign God is cross examining a man…His own creation!

You see lately, I too have been behaving like brother Job. I’ve been speaking about the limited “facts” that I have to Abba, as if I know what He knows. So every time I read this portion of the book of Job, I am reminded that Elohim is to be reverenced…especially when we don’t understand. With all the things that Joe endured and had to suffer, you would think that God would have begun His response to Job by explaining the reasons for his suffering, right? I mean, my expectations were that God would have begin to explain himself to Job. But this event shows us a milestone in life where every child of God will have to reconcile within his or herself that, truly, Jehovah is a sovereign God.

So no, El Elyon (The Most High God) did not explain Himself to Job: that is not what God did at all. Instead, God decides to ask Job some questions. I think this is what scares me the most. Because I too am guilty of questioning Elohim during my time of trials and sorrow and suffering. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit convicts me and I repent. God’s response to Job was meant to convict him and bring him to repentance and forgiveness.

The way Elohim formed his questions to Job also gives us a unique look into how God wields his power. Jehovah God pulls back the veil and shows Job, and consequently us, that there is nothing in all of creation that he is not responsible for. Again, I’m not going to list the questions that gave pictures to the awesomeness of God‘s power but, I’ll share one of my favorite ones with you. With one question, Jehovah Sabaoth (The Lord of Hosts) tells us that He is so powerful and conscientious that it is He who makes a horse ready for war!

When I was was younger, I didn’t understand why that resonated with me so much. I know I was born a warrior. I’ve always been a fighter and, now that I am stepping into my purpose as a prayer warrior, I understand it even more. Every prayer warrior will tell you this: as an intercessor, every time we stand in the gap we go to war. Perhaps that is why knowing that God prepares us for war means so much to me. David said, “He teaches my hands to war.” Psalms 18:34

God is eternal. God is sovereign. God is all powerful and, because of that, he never has to explain himself. This truth is one that can be the most difficult for we His children to understand at times but, the minute we allow ourselves to do so, everything in life begins to take on new meaning. Yes, yes, yes, yes even pain and sorrow and suffering. Sometimes, when you are dead smack in the middle of the worst situation of your life and when you are experiencing the worst pain that you could’ve never even imagined, my prayer is that you will hear the Holy Spirit whisper in your spirit what He whispered in mine tonight: When God gets ready!”

So, why would I hear that and be led to the story of Job? Why would that be the scripture that ties in with God‘s timing? It’s simple, Jehovah God works according to HIS purposes, according to HIS plans, and according to HIS timeline. Regardless of whatever you’re going through right now, I encourage you to stand firm on Jesus Christ the solid rock. Stand on the truth that God is sovereign and righteous and He is Just. Believe that when He is ready, He is more than able to make all things beautiful. Maybe you’ll get to know why you had to suffer; but, the truth is, you may never get to know on this side of Heaven. And that has to be okay because you know that Jehovah God does. Let that be enough.

When God is ready, there’s nothing that you’ve gone through, there’s nothing that you’re going through right now, and there’s nothing you may go through in the future that can destroy the plans and purposes that Jehovah God has for your life. Point. Blank. Period.🙏🏽

Abba, Father!

For those of us who have been suffering silently and in shame because we are angry with God, this message is for us tonight. I understand the intensity of being angry with Jehovah even as you continue to love Him with all your heart, mind, and soul. So, whatever the source of your anger is, just know that you can stop trying to keep it from Him. He knows more about it than we do anyway.

Here’s the thing, Jehovah, Elohim, Adonia, is The Father! He is the ultimate standard of Fatherhood. And, just like the good earthly fathers that some of us got to witness and others got a chance to experience, He (JEHOVAH) has enough buffer that surrounds His amazing love for each of us. That buffer is strong enough to handle the anger of each and every one of his children.

That buffer is there so that none of our anger at Him will ever be strong enough to reach or lessen His intense love for each child. As a child of God, I was just reminded of this great inheritance and, as I received it, I was given the unction to remind his children this night that Jehovah God can handle the full force of your anger. So, stop trying to hide it from him.

He is more than The Creator. He is more than our Sovereign Lord. He is more than The righteous Judge. He is also our most loving and kind Abba: Father. Elohim is our father and we will always be safe and secure from ALL alarms! Be blessed and go talk to our Dad.


Beauty lies within yourself

The words of appreciation never said before are whispered now.

Act of kindness, is offered now.

Building the house of love and affection, before it turns into ashes.

No matter how much the cracks in the house are healed, life will have enough to worry about.

But at some point you will realize, with time hopes and dreams are fading.

Before the unsaid words are completely ignored and it’s too late to express,

With the shinning sun, talk and express as it’s the part of us lies in every relationship we care for.

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There are times, either during my devotion and praise and worship or doing nothing important at all, when the Holy Spirit drops a word into my spirit. One of those times I heard, “forgiveness is the antidote to revenge“. I wrote the sentence down and started researching its meaning because I wanted to make sure that I understood the knowledge I’d received. I’ve been able to write several articles because of that one word.

Today, I would like to share what I learned about revenge. The dictionary defines antidote as: /ˈan(t)iˌdōt/ 1. a medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison. When I read this, I thought wow! If forgiveness is the medicine that counteracts revenge, then revenge is poison to humans!

Jehovah God knows His creation, inside out. It is for this reason that He took ownership of vengeance. Deuteronomy 32:35 says, “Vengeance and payback are mine for the time when their foot slips; for the day of their calamity is coming soon, their doom is rushing upon them.” Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

What very few people know and understand is that the act of vengeance breaks something in humans. Elohim CANNOT be broken so, every time you are tempted to “pay back” or “even the scale” because of a wrong done to you, remember: vengeance belongs to Jehovah God. It is His property. He reemphasizes this truth over and over in the Bible. (Romans 12:19, Hebrews 10:30, I Peter 2:13, etc.)

Now, some may say, I cannot wait for God to avenge me because He’s too busy with other important things. Usually, this thought is seated on a warped or ignorant view of Jehovah Roi (The God who sees me). Let me say this, first, God is perfect and everything He does is perfect…including vengeance. Second, search the volumes of history and you’ll find proof of how perfect the vengeance of Jehovah God is. Search the Holy Bible and you’ll find situations after situations where Jehovah stepped in to right a wrong done to one person, one family, one nation, and one race.

Let’s call Rachel to the stand and have her testify about her marriage to a man who loved her sister. Let her tell us how God saw the injustice against her and give her a supernatural ability to fulfill the requirement of womanhood (in her time); the fruit of the womb. God saw that she was unloved and gave her validation and affirmation over and over again as each of her children were born.

You’ve heard about Joseph, right? Can you see him walking the halls of the palace as the second ruler of Egypt? Can you see him acknowledging the bows and reverence of his subjects, and remembering his time in the pit? I’m sure there were times, as he basked in the honor and privilege of his new position, when he remembered his slavery to Potiphar, the sexual harassment from Potiphar’s wife, and his false imprisonment. But, Jehovah God was working through each and every injustice and every wrong was made right in an amazing way.

I cannot end without us hearing from David. You know David, the boy who would be king. Most people do not realize that the boy had to grow up hearing his name associated with that horrible term meaning “born out of wedlock“. Psalms 51:5 says “Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, And in sin my mother conceived me.” His father and brothers thought very little of him. His king hated him to scorn and hunted him for years, trying to kill him. But…but Jehovah God knew him and called him “the man after my own heart”. What an awesome character reference!

Yes, David can boasts about God’s right to vengeance. So much so that, when David was given the choice between judgement from man or God (one of the times he’d sinned against Jehovah God) King David choose God’s punishment. David choose God’s vengeance against his own self because he understood that God is perfect…even in vengeance. And he was right: God tempered His vengeance and His justice with mercy and love for King David and for His people when David pray and pleaded. (II Samuel 24:11-14.)

You’ve probably realized by now, as I did, that Jehovah God’s vengeance does not look like ours. His vengeance can include retribution or recompense or punishment or so much more. The point is, He knows what works perfectly each and every time. So, if today you’re contemplating getting back at anyone, may I plead with you to give it to God instead? Don’t do His work for him. We do not know how to get revenge but God does because He knows everything.

He watched what happened from every angle and from every vantage point. He heard every thought. He knows and understands every motive. He saw every act and every deed. He knows and understands every part the enemy played in whatever happened. Only Jehovah God can redeem what happened. Only He can fix it so, please, let it go and let God fix it. 🙏🏽


I once heard someone say that we never really loose our demons; instead, we learn to live above them. But, the Bible says the we overcome the devil (demon of all demons) by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus the Christ) and by the word of our testimony (our telling of the tests we’ve passed because of our faith in Jesus the Christ). Revelations 12:11.

So, I can say that we do, we will, and we shall completely loose every demon plaguing our lives. Yes, we will do so by the powerful Blood of Jesus (the Blood that WAS even before the foundations of the world was laid). I Peter 1:20 You see, it reaches throughout all dimensions including time. Revelations 13:8 And we will overcome by the very word of our testimonies because the retelling of our struggles, and sorrows, and trials, and how Jehovah God carried us through each and every one is one of the ways that we OVERCOME.

Today and every day, remember that you’ve been given a powerful weapon to win. Open your mouths and tell the devil and his demons how God brought you out. Remind them of the times when you thought it was over but God. Remind every enemy about the time you had one foot in the grave but God. Remind yourself about the times you made your own bed in hell, but God came for you and snatched you out. Let the accuser of our souls know that all of his accusations were blocked by the veil of Jesus precious Blood. Then, remind him that his accusations are being blocked now, and that they will continue to be blocked because The Blood of Jesus still works! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


This picture of Dr. Cindy Trimm’s post and her response to Nancy needs to go viral! So many people come to the end of their lives with regrets and, incorrectly, blame God for their wrong thinking. They feel used, misused, and abused because of misguided thinking. Yes, I know that there are “ministers” that work to capitalize on that wrong thinking but, if you stop treating people like they are gods and depend completely on The Holy Spirit (the only God on earth), you will be guided to the truth.

Today, I’ve come to the understanding that you can respect and honor men and women of Jehovah God without allowing yourself to be manipulated, abused, swindled, or strayed away from the path of your destiny and purpose. If you’ve had a bad experience with a church or any man/woman of God, put it in the column of “Expensive Lessons” and return to your first love, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to create in you clean heart. A heart free from unforgiveness, bitterness, hate, and revenge. Ask The Holy Spirit of Jehovah to lead, guide, and direct you back to YOUR purpose and destiny. It will not be easy but this is absolutely necessary. Remember that faith requires trust: you will be challenged to trust the goodness and sovereignty of God. It will be difficult but not impossible. If you let Him, the Holy Spirit will help you during this process.

Every day, you’ll begin to think less and less about the injustice or unfairness of what happened, and more about your purpose. Being purpose driven will be your “Balm in Gilead”. Growth and maturity in Christ will reveal that the experience was simply the enemy’s attempt to destroy you but God’s grace (always available but only works when applied) was there for you. God’s grace is always there for His children. I pray that The Holy Spirit will continue to nudge us; reminding us to apply His grace, as we continue on this journey.


Years of struggles. Heartbreaks. Bad decisions like thunderstorms chased by lightning, echoed over and over again in my life. Sick and tired of hitting my head against walls, one day I asked why? Why won’t it stop? Why can’t I just be done? Why must I continue in this world with so much pain? There was no answer. So I asked, what? What do You want? What do You want from me? I was asking God this, but I heard nothing…nothing…and nothing for months. I gave up. I was done physically, emotionally, and mentally. I was done.

I walked around in a semiconscious state for months. I remember seeing the puzzled looks being passed between colleagues, friends, and family. On one occasion, I actually heard my brother asking his niece (my daughter) what was wrong with me. I heard and saw them but did not react. Then, one day in July while playing a silly game on my phone and actually trying to figure out ways to cheat at it, I heard “I am Holy! I called you to holiness! I called you to be set apart!”

I heard this in my body. I heard it, or as close to it as I’m able to put in human words, in my spirit. It reverberated in every cell of my soul. I cannot explain it any further…not really…and I do not think I have to. What I can explain is this: in that single instance I felt the convergence of my first experience with The Holy Spirit at 12 years old (when I was baptized with the evidence of speaking in tongues) and this call to a position in the kingdom of Jehovah God, for which I am still in training.

It is an ongoing process! One that requires a stripping away of so many different things, people, places, mindsets, behaviors, etc. that, if I were to list them, this would be much too long. Now, I’d like to brag and say that I’ve been holding on, or walking the path, or all of those things we say to sound super saved (and super spiritual) but the truth is; all I did was respond. I immediately deleted the game, I repented, and waited for “next step”.

Today, I continue to train and learn to follow. Yes, I fail and recover but then, I begin again. I do so with great fear and trembling. My prayer each day is that Jehovah God be magnified by, in, through, over, under, and around all that I was, all that I am, and all that I will be. In Jesus Name and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Quick question, have you responded to your call?